Eat you up

Size : Full dose
You’ll get: 5 Extra Premium Roses Reflexed,10 Premium Roses, 1 Phalaenopsis Flower, Ivy Berry. Box Included. Box Size: 16.5 x 16.5 x 24.5cmH. Finished with Pops of Ribbon as Pictured.



So cute you just want to eat them up. We’re talking red roses and orchids in a hat box for the cutie you’ve got your eye on. But please leave the eating to … well, anything but the flowers, OK?

Up your dose with a little something extra from our gifts.

Order before 1pm today for same day delivery or book for a future date.

Please note, as we locally source our flowers some might not be available from time to time. But no need to fret! We don’t believe in surprise deliveries. We’ll call you to discuss other flower options to make it pop!

Stunning flower arrangement, ideal for the following occasions:

  • Valentine's Day flowers
  • Wedding/Marriage Anniversary flowers
  • Engagement & Proposal flowers
  • Sorry/Apology flowers
  • Office/Corporate flower arrangements
  • Special Occasion flowers